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Medical FraternityTM is an online Hematology and Oncology education platform with a unique problem-based learning approach. Cases are laid out in Sections and Subsections, which helps map the entire spectrum of the program, whether you are in 1st year or last. Quiz with review option assesses your understanding of the topic and provides explanations to incorrect answer choices. It provides a familiarity as you go on to give your board exam, as it simulates ABIM board exam look and feel. Q-Metrics is a reporting tool that gives your overall quiz scores and ABIM section-wise scores in a line graph. In addition to preparing fellows for their In-Service and Board Examinations, it provides an integrated and comprehensive learning platform for residents, fellows and physicians to efficiently maintain and advance their clinical knowledge on an ongoing basis. Medical FraternityTM is an asset you must have in your fellowship training program.

I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

- Albert Einstein


Dr.Donald Doll Chief Editor

Dr.Donald Doll is the Chief Editor of the Medical FraternityTM Hematology-Oncology case based study.

Dr. Doll is widely considered an exceptional clinical educator (arguably one of the best in Hematology-Oncology in the United States) and has been mentor to innumerable Hem-Onc fellows during his 40-plus years in academia. He has won more than 30 teaching awards from top-notch US cancer centers.

Our case-based study in Hematology-Oncology was inspired and molded by Dr. Doll. His phenomenal collection of teaching cases - including over 5000 clinical images (peripheral blood smears, bone marrow examinations, clinical findings, and imaging studies) - and popular teaching style are the back-bone of this program's design.

Dr. Doll's students are aware of his insatiable appetite for knowledge, which keeps him abreast of seemingly every article and advance in the Hematology-Oncology universe, as wells as his exceptional dedication to his patients. He lives by two oft-quoted phrases: "There will enough time to rest when one is dead" and the US marine's slogan "Pain is just weakness leaving the body."

He continues to serve as Program Director at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center - of the University of Missouri and is on the review committees for several top journals in the field.

Dr.Gautam Kale Co-Founder & Sr.Editor

Dr.Gautam K. Kale is a Co-Founder of US Cancer Solutions, LLC and it's subsidiary Medical FraternityTM. Dr. Kale oversees the structure of the Medical FraternityTM program, establishes the learning objectives for the program and is also one of our authors on the program. His passion for using the latest in computer technology to optimize physician learning and medical care delivery paved the way for US Cancer Solutions, LLC.

Dr. Kale has a broad clinical background with extensive training in multiple medical specialties including Internal Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Addiction Medicine, HIV medicine and travel medicine, with particular expertise in Hematology-Oncology. He has worked as a clinician educator in several large health institutions, where he helped develop innovative medical education programs.

Dr. Kale has earned many recognitions and awards, including the American Medical Association's Physician Recognition Award(August 2011 to Aug 2014), a Certificate of Recognition for the Hematology Fellows Consortium, an Outstanding Hematology-Oncology Fellow Award by the Missouri Oncology Society (November 2014), and a training award in Benign Hematology from the University of North Carolina

Currently, Dr. Kale is working as a Hematology-Oncology specialist at Cone Hospital in North Carolina.

Beside his professional pursuits, Dr. Kale enjoys travelling and being outdoors and loves spending time with his family.

Our Contributors

Dr.Mohammad Abozeid

Dr. Mohammad Abozeid

Ismailia, Egypt
Dr.Tarun Durga

Dr. Tarun Durga

Dr.Manuel Echarri

Dr. Manuel Echarri

Dr.Sameer Mahesh

Dr. Sameer Mahesh


Dr.Suraya Naidoo

Dr. Suraya Naidoo

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Dr. Adnan Qureshi

Dr. Adnan Qureshi

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Anand Sharma

Dr. Anand Sharma


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